Straight from Vanguard retirees: 6 retirement-planning tips
In a recent blog post, we asked readers what they would’ve done differently to prepare for retirement. Here are some of our favorite responses.

Markets and economy

U.K. economic outlook: Brexit looms large
Since the 2016 Brexit vote, the United Kingdom has been one of the fastest-growing countries in the developed world. Alexis Gray, a London-based economist, discusses what could happen next.

A midyear update on Vanguard’s economic outlook
At the end of last year, we published our annual global economic outlook for 2017. We sat down with one of its authors, Vanguard Senior Economist Andrew Patterson, to get an update.


Brokerage trades will soon settle in just 2 days, down from 3
Faster settlement for most brokerage transactions is coming. That means you’ll have quicker access to your money after selling your shares, and you’ll get your new shares faster. See our Q&A to help you understand what this change means to you.


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