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Rebecca Katz: Tim, this one is for you from Sarah. Sarah asked for Mr. Buckley, “How are things going as CEO?” You’ve now been in your role a whopping four days?

Tim Buckley: Yes, if you count the first. Look, it’s fabulous. I get a chance to lead a company where I’m passionate about the purpose of Vanguard, where each day we come in every day to help investors achieve kind of that investment success. And for them it may be putting their kids through college or peace of mind around retirement; that’s a great thing. And to work with crew that you truly care about, you couldn’t ask for more, and to have a team that’s top notch. I’m lucky, I’m very lucky. I’ve had great mentors. So, the first four days, they’ve been great; and, well, hopefully looking for many, many more into the future.

Rebecca Katz: Right. I should ask the same of you, Greg, but you have been a Vanguard CIO before. It was just in our Asia Pacific region.

Tim Buckley: And he’s been CIO for about six months now. I had the long transition period where he moved into the CIO role, and Bill was great with me. He allowed me time before becoming CEO to really spend time with crew, with clients, to get to know businesses that I might not have spent as much time with. Greg didn’t have that luxury. He got to step right into the CIO role on July 14.

Rebecca Katz: Good markets for you though.

Greg Davis: It’s been a really good market, but also having Tim nearby in terms of asking questions and getting guidance along the way has been really helpful. But, you know, I’d echo a lot of the same points that Tim was making. We have a very talented team that we’re very privileged to work with on a day-to-day basis; and, again, having such a strong mission about what we do day to day, charges the team up to come in and do the very best for our clients, to get the absolute best investment returns that we can for them.

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