What are some of the best ways you can add extra security for your account? Here are 3 security services we recommend for extra protection:

  1. Security codes

    This service—a type of “2-step verification”—sends you a single-use security code that you’ll enter after providing your user name and password when you log on to vanguard.com or our mobile apps. You can choose to receive security codes through a text message or automated phone call.

    When you enroll, you can choose to use a security code every time you log on to your account or only when Vanguard doesn’t recognize your computer or device.

    Learn more about or sign up to receive security codes

  2. Account activity alerts

    This service sends you email or text message alerts for certain transactions and account profile changes. You’ll receive a detailed alert moments after an initiated transaction.

    You can customize your alert type and delivery method settings by email or text—simply visit the account activity alerts page.

  3. Vanguard Voice Verification™

    Verify your identity using the sound of your voice. When you sign up for this service, you’ll get even safer and faster access to your accounts when you call us.

    When you first enroll in voice verification, you’ll record a passphrase that we’ll match to confirm your identity each time you call.

    Learn more about voice verification or get started with the service

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Ellen Rinaldi
Ellen Rinaldi

“The security of your accounts and personal information is of paramount importance at Vanguard,” said Ellen Rinaldi, Vanguard’s chief information security officer. “So we’re pleased to offer these security features to help enhance your security and help you keep your accounts as safe as possible.”