The publication cites mutual funds and ETFs that are low-cost and produce long-term returns that match or beat their benchmarks.

The Money list typically remains the same each year, with minor changes. In last year’s edition, 16 Vanguard funds made the list. A new addition to this year’s list was Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF (VOE).

Firms and funds on the List
Firm# of Funds on 2017 “Money 50” List
T. Rowe Price5
Dodge & Cox2
Sound Shore1
Cohen and Steers1
The list features three different categories: Building-block funds, One-decision funds, and Custom funds.

Below are the Vanguard funds that appear on this year’s list.

Vanguard funds on the list:

Building-block funds (9 of 14 listed)One-decision funds (2 of 5 listed)Custom funds (6 of 31 listed)


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