I’m 2–5 years out from retirement, and I need help:

  • Determining roughly how much I need saved.
  • Putting together my action plan.
  • Identifying a likely timeline for retirement.
  • Making sure my investment risk is appropriate.

First, ask yourself . . .

What kind of lifestyle do I want? Will I move to a different area with higher or lower costs? Do I plan to use equity from a home or other assets to support my spending?

To meet my goals, do I need to accelerate paying off any debt, or prioritize other savings goals like college?

I’m within 2 years of retirement, and I need help:

  • Creating a budget.
  • Deciding whether I need more guaranteed income.
  • Deciding what my insurance needs might be.
  • Identifying my best strategy for taking Social Security.
  • Roughly projecting my expected income taxes and possible ways to lower them.
  • Confirming that I’m still on track to meet my retirement date.

First, ask yourself . . .

How much spending goes into which categories? What are my “wants” versus “needs”? How will I pay for health insurance and other health care costs?

I’m in the first 2 years of retirement, and I need help:

  • Drawing up a plan for using different income sources in a way that keeps my taxes as low as possible.
  • Deciding whether to convert some of my tax-deferred money into tax-exempt money.
  • Validating that my spending is in line with expectations.
  • Deciding whether I need to make changes to my asset mix.

First, ask yourself . . .

What’s my ultimate goal for my money? Do I want to spend it all? Leave something for children or important causes? Continue to grow it?

I’m more than 2 years into retirement, and I need help:

  • Seeing whether it’s more beneficial to do any planned giving now versus through my estate plan.
  • Making sure my plan is on track and adjusting if necessary.
  • Monitoring my asset allocation and rebalancing when needed.
  • Deciding whether to spend my required minimum distribution (RMD) money, reinvest it, or make a tax-free donation via a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

First, ask yourself . . .

Are my spouse and I equally prepared to make decisions about our plans and investments, or does one of us need additional guidance?

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