What are some of the key principles for extending the life of your retirement savings?

Many investors are concerned with making their retirement savings last. Colleen Jaconetti, a senior retirement analyst at Vanguard, suggests 3 ways to maximize your retirement savings.

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Akweli Parker: All right, so, Colleen, while we’re waiting for those results to be tabulated, how about if you start us off with just talking about what are some of the key principles for extending the life of one’s retirement savings?

Colleen Jaconetti: Sure. There are actually 3 key principles for extending the life of retirement savings. The first one is to develop a prudent spending rule that balances current spending with preserving the portfolio for future spending or requests. The second one would be to construct a broadly diversified low-cost portfolio that you can stick to in the best and worst of markets. And the third one would be to implement a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy. So following these three principles, you could really meaningfully extend the life of your retirement savings.

Akweli Parker: Fantastic. Well thanks for that overview.

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