Find out how Vanguard protects your assets and information

Vanguard protects its investors by using many different tactics, including multifactor authentication, security codes, and limiting the number of log on attempts.

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Emily Farrell: Catherine in Coralville, Iowa, asked us, “How is Vanguard protecting its investors?” Ellen?

Ellen Rinaldi: So let’s think just a little bit about how we protect you, me, and everyone else who invests at Vanguard. First, when you go onto the web, if for some reason someone is trying to use your credentials, we actually limit the number of times you can try to log on and then we disable your access. That would then require someone to come in and then reauthenticate to get that access relieved again. So that’s one thing, and that’s pretty obvious to people.

One of the things that is not as obvious to people is that on every secure page, there’s a timeout feature. And if you leave your computer open, after a while that page is going to close so that when someone’s walking by your computer—you forget, you go someplace—they’re not going to be able to get into your account or see your information.

We also fuzz out, actually block out most of your bank account information so only the last couple of digits show, so you know which bank account you’re dealing with. But if you’re on a plane or you’re on a train or you’re in a public space and someone’s looking over your shoulder, they’re not going to see your accounts.

Emily Farrell: Absolutely.

Ellen Rinaldi: We also provide security codes so that’s another way to make sure that we protect you. And on top of all of that and a number of our groups, Jeff’s included, we have cyber hunt analysts that use big data to watch for anomalies to see if there’s something going wrong.

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