This simple quiz will reveal what activities make you happiest. Grab a pen, go old-school, and write down your answers.

What’s your most frequent daydream?

A. Money worries—some dream!
B. Places I’ve never been.
C. Saving the day.
D. Being the expert in the room.
E. Quickly mastering a fun new skill.

Are you ready for full retirement?

A. No, my wallet isn’t.
B. Yes, so I can get outta town.
C. Financially yes, but I’ve gotta stay busy.
D. No, I’ve still got more in me.
E. Yes, so I can start my bucket list!

Do you enjoy having a set schedule?

A. Yes, and a set wardrobe too.
B. No, I like to move with the seasons and the sun.
C. Yes, but not 9 to 5.
D. Yes—at least for part of the year.
E. It doesn’t matter as long as I keep it interesting!

What’s your ideal long weekend?

A. Working my consulting gig.
B. The getaway I keep postponing.
C. Running an adoption event at my local shelter.
D. A lively debate with friends.
E. Cooking class and a good nonfiction book.

Do you want to “pay forward” your good fortune?

A. Not till I’ve earned more fortune.
B. I’d love to help, maybe overseas.
C. Yes, giving back is important to me.
D. Money’s one thing, but I’m blessed with know-how to share.
E. Yes, maybe I’ll write a book about my experiences—or start a blog.

Do you worry about having enough money saved for retirement?

A. Yes, quite a bit.
B. Only if it means I can’t travel.
C. I think I’ll be okay, thanks.
D. Maybe a little.
E. No, I’m ready to live the good life.

You have 10 minutes to kill right now. What will you do?

A. Check my work emails.
B. Look up flights to Belize.
C. Send a letter to my senator.
D. Get back to someone who’s waiting for my input.
E. Watch some HGTV.

If you had $1,000 to give to a good cause, who’d get it?

A. Is my 401(k) a cause?
B. Outward Bound.
C. Can’t decide—I support many causes.
D. Local schools—they’re underfunded.
E. Wikipedia.

Would you work if you were wealthy?

A. Yes, at something I love.
B. Maybe, but not around here.
C. Yes, I like to feel that I’m contributing.
D. Maybe, if I could help others.
E. Nope, I’d be having too many experiences.

Do you want to maintain professional contacts?

A. Yes, definitely.
B. Getting away matters more to me.
C. Yes—I’d miss the people, not the job.
D. I do enjoy discussing my field.
E. Sure, everyone I know has something to teach me!

About your answers

Mostly A:
Keep working.

You seem to enjoy your 9-to-5 routine … and having some income might help set your mind at ease too! So think about taking on a part-time or seasonal job, becoming a consultant, starting your own business, or picking up a gig now and again. Just remember that having earned income can affect your taxes and Social Security payments.

Mostly B:

You’re itching to see what else is out there! If you prefer staying domestic, there are almost 60 national parks in the U.S., and seniors can get a lifetime pass for $80 (which gives access to more than 2,000 sites managed by the federal government).

If you want to broaden your horizons even more, visiting sites in South and Central America can stretch your dollars. Or consider river cruises, which are more popular than ever with retirees.

Mostly C:

You like being useful and you feel strongly about using your skills to better the world. Continue your existing volunteer work or try something new: working with kids, animals, the less-privileged, students, educators, or local nonprofits! To find opportunities, check out

Mostly D:

You’ve got a lifetime of knowledge you don’t want to lose. And there are lots of options to share it with others, some of which will even pay you! Consider getting certified as a substitute teacher or becoming an adjunct professor at a community college. For a more flexible schedule, become a tutor, coach, or mentor.

Mostly E:
Learn something new.

You like to keep it fresh—and in today’s world, there are infinite options to get outside of your comfort zone.

Take an online physics class. Check out a yoga session. Watch some YouTube cooking tutorials. Read a book. Go back to school. The best part about retirement—you can choose a different path every. single. day!

All over the place:
Combine your interests.

Doing whatever you feel like is the joy of retirement. But why not combine your top two choices? Say, travel and volunteer with the Peace Corps or National Park Service.