Special live webcast

We’re excited to feature a live webcast with Christine Benz, director of personal finance and senior columnist at Morningstar, and Maria Bruno, Vanguard senior retirement strategist.

Live webcast: Retirement: Creating and following a plan

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This webcast, “Retirement: Creating and following a plan,” will cover tips to help you reach your retirement savings goals. Our speakers will discuss how to:

  • Create a plan and stick with it.
  • Prepare for the unexpected.
  • Monitor your progress.

Join us on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, at 7 p.m., Eastern time. You can submit questions for the panelists when you register.

Am I prepared for retirement?

It’s a big question. But we can help.

For a framework on helping to determine your retirement readiness, check out the Vanguard Blog for a post by Senior Retirement Strategist Colleen Jaconetti.

If you’re still years away from retiring, use this week as an excuse to check up on, or create, your savings plan. Vanguard.com can help you:

You can prepare for retirement—just take it one day (or week) at a time.


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